Listen Fauna at Ulcumano Ecolodge

Desde: S/45

Now you can select the number of people, tour variant, date, time, place and the option of transfer or not (if you are staying at the place or have your own mobility).



Location: Ulcumano Ecolodge

Sector La Suiza, Chontabamba

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Take a look at a different experience with the animal kingdom

Tangara Music presents Listen Fauna as a way to preserve our tours in nature in 360° binaural 3D audio, through the use of recorders and microphones specialized in recording soundscapes.

This will allow us to relive the sensations experienced in a very deep way.


What is it about?

These are tours of an hour and a half of total duration, with a low level of difficulty and a high presence of wild soundscapes.

The tour can be alone with the Tangara Music facilitator or accompanied by specialists in environmental interpretation, ornithology, among others. The whole experience is recorded, post-produced and delivered to the participants through a link to the Soundcloud platform with geolocation on Google maps, which can be accessed from our website as Tangara Music Sound Map – Listen Fauna.


Terms of service

  • The tours are accompanied by Tangara Music’s facilitator, in charge of recording the experiences.
  • You can choose to have a specialist in native fauna for the Listen Fauna tour, which adds 100 soles to the total. (check availability).
  • You can choose to have a bird specialist – ornithologist – for the Listen Fauna tour, which adds 220 soles to the total. (check availability).
  • If you choose the option with transfer, you will be picked up from where you are staying. (provide details of the place of lodging in the text box of the purchase form).
  • The approximate duration of the tours is one hour and a half. (without taking into account transfers to the place).
  • The delivery of the soundcloud links with the binaural audio recording of the experience will be done within a week after the tour (it is necessary to subscribe through the digital form on the web to have the sending data: email).
  • The full version (approx. 45 minutes long) will be delivered privately via link to Googledrive in MP3 format and the summary version (approx. 10 minutes long) will be delivered publicly via link to Soundcloud in WAV format (high quality).
  • In the public summary version the names of the participants will not be revealed if this option is not chosen.
  • The Play Flora and Listen Fauna tours include some photos of the experience that will serve to illustrate the sound links on Soundcloud.

Hygiene and safety measures

  • Limited number of passengers, in order to guarantee distance.
  • Regular disinfection of vehicles
  • Staff trained in hygiene and safety measures
  • You must bring your own mask
  • Reinforcement in cleaning and disinfection tasks.
  • Staff uses the required biosafety equipment
  • Use of masks is mandatory
  • Alcohol spray available